TruWellnessMD is an innovative concierge medical practice in which we integrate the best of conventional medicine with the newly evolving fields of functional and aesthetic medicine.

So many people have to visit a lot of different places for their medical, aesthetics and nutritional needs.

We created an exclusive clinic that combines the best of these fields and offers an affordable monthly memberships so our patients can get the best care while saving their time and money.

Tru(e) Health Starts Here

Expedited Appointments

Minimal or no wait times. Whether you are a busy professional who is short on time or an active person who needs to make appointments to fit your schedule, concierge medicine works with you.

Unlimited messaging and support

Visits that last as long as you need, wherever you are. Access to your doctor’s direct phone line for medical questions and simple diagnosis. Effortless communication with our providers through the patient portal.

Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Plans

We provide a highly-personalized assessment and ongoing health management program as well as a continuous access to your personal  physician. Nutritional and lifestyle recommendations based on your test results.

In House Labs

Easy access to advanced tests and screenings. Comprehensive specialty testing that let us go deeper in your physiology to provide a better understanding of your health.


We believe that optimal health is not only about the presence of vitality but also feeling good and looking your best.
That’s why in TruWellnessMD we also provide the best aesthetic treatments using the latest state of the art technology.

IV Lounge - Hydrate Your Body Revitalize Your Life

IV Therapy is the future of preventative health care. 

Refresh yourself, feel wide awake, and explore all the benefits our unique drips can do for you.

TruWellnessMD is a one-stop-shop designed to rekindle your healing and jump-start a life of well-being. 

We empower our clients to have a choice in their care by guiding them through a patient-centered care model.


Cardiometabolic health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United states as such one of our core missions is identifying risk factors not only by history or genetics but with advanced leading edge lab testing.

Identifying root-causes of heart disease is crucial in maintaining good health and in the cases where we identify such problems we have cardiometabolic protocols in place to help our patients reach their optimal heart health.


Gut and digestion

The most effective clinical outcome across all disease spectrums can result from normalization of gut function.

At TruWellnessMD we can identify often overlooked conditions like IBS, IBD, SIBO and food allergies in our advanced in-house lab. 

Our gut is at the core of our health and identifying issues related to gut lining, inflammation and the presence of unfavorable pathogens will become of utmost importance to achieve resolution of symptoms.


Auto-immune and inflammation

When chronic inflammation runs unopposed in your body symptoms like joint pain, rashes, acne and fatigue can occur.

Our approach works upstream by addressing the underlying conditions that initiate or perpetuate inflammation.

Inflammation can be dampened by avoiding exposure to triggers and by modulating inflammatory mediators with lifestyle and diet.


Energy and Mitochondrial function

Most of the world’s population including that of the U.S is inadequate or deficient in one or more micronutrients. 

We work with you to identify dietary factors and toxins that can contribute to mitochondrial dysfunction. 

Understanding how to reduce oxidative stress is crucial to achieving TruWellness as such adequate nutritional advice is important when it comes to optimal energy production in your body.



All humans are exposed on a daily basis to synthetic pollutants and some of these chemicals are resistant to metabolism and excretion therefore accumulating in the body.

Our detox approach focuses on removing these harmful substances and enhancing our body’s capacity to detoxify and get rid of waste.


Endocrine and hormonal balance

Even small changes in your hormones can cause a myriad of symptoms therefore uncovering reasons for imbalances in these areas is essential. 

At TruWellnesss we analyze your past medical history, your symptoms and exposures to identify what’s going on with your hormonal health. 

We offer advanced testing and treatments including hormonal replacement and personalized nutrition plans to help you achieve a balanced state.

Medical Grade Supplements

All of the supplements that we recommend and sell are physician-formulated and maintain the purity of ingredients for quality assurance. 

They meet all of the pharmaceutical standards, which means that the product must contain 99% purity with no binders, fillers, excipients, dyes, or unknown substances.

Membership Plans Tailored To Your Individual Needs

Our memberships are one of a kind, not only you will have private access to our providers but you will enjoy other benefits only we can offer. 

From health, wellness, performance and beauty; we have it all. 

Experience tru(e) concierge and lifestyle medicine at TruWellnessMD


  • Unlimited Medical Consults
  • Nutritionist Consults
  • Voice/Telehealth Consults
  • Unlimited HRT Consults
  • Basic IV Drip
  • Vitamin / Weight Loss Booster
  • 10 % off Aesthetic Services


  • Unlimited Medical Consults
  • Nutritionist Consults
  • Text / Voice / Telehealth
  • Unlimited HRT Consults
  • Hydrafacial or Signature Facial
  • Vitamin / Weight Loss Booster
  • Premium IV Drip
  • 15% off Aesthetic Services


  • Unlimited Medical Consults
  • Nutritionist Consults
  • Text / Voice / Telehealth
  • Unlimited HRT Consults
  • Premium IV Drip + Booster
  • 15 Units of Neuromodulator
  • Hydrafacial or Microneedling
  • Laser Hair Reduction
  • 20% off Aesthetic Services