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What is Medical Ozone?

Medical ozone is a form of ozone used for medical purposes. Ozone is a naturally occurring gas created when oxygen molecules split into separate atoms and re-combine as triatomic oxygen molecules. It has been used extensively for wound healing and to treat infections and inflammation. Ozone has powerful bactericidal, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties, making it beneficial in treating many chronic and acute conditions. Medical ozone therapy is safe when used by a trained professional.

How Ozone Therapy Works

Ozone therapy uses medical ozone to treat various illnesses and chronic conditions. The treatment involves mixing a sample of your blood with ozone gas and returning it to the body. The ozone air/gas never enters your body directly — it must be mixed with a sample of your blood. Ozone therapy improves your body’s ability to fight off bacteria and other pathogens, so it can support the treatment of asthma, chronic pain, diabetes, cancer, and many other conditions.

Ozone Therapy Treats:

  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Chronic diseases
  • Chronic infections
  • Hepatitis, Lyme, AIDS, herpes, etc.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Compromised immune system
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Signs of facial aging

Boost immune System

Ozone therapy is a safe way to boost your immune system. This natural treatment increases communication among your cells and encourages the release of cytokines, powerful molecules that regulate the body’s response to the environment. Ozone therapy strengthens the immune system, giving your body the means to fight off harmful bacteria, viruses, and pathogens, thus protecting you against illness and disease.

Increase Oxygen Intake

Ozone therapy has been shown to help increase our oxygen intake. More specifically, it stimulates the enzyme diphosphoglycerate (DPG), which enables the release of oxygen from the hemoglobin molecule to be taken up by the cells. This means that having enough DPG is crucial for our cells to receive the oxygen they need for optimal functioning. Therefore, ozone therapy maximizes your capacity to receive oxygen.

Reduce Oxidative Damage

Ozone therapy can reduce oxidative damage in the body. Ozone is an all-natural gas with powerful antioxidant properties, so it can protect your cells from free radical damage and other sources of oxidative stress. Ozone therapy can strengthen your body’s natural defense against oxidative damage, making it an effective way to maintain healthy cells and tissues.

Improve Blood Circulation

Ozone therapy is an effective way to improve blood circulation. By increasing oxygen binding potential, ozone therapy increases the amount of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin that reaches the capillaries, allowing cells to get the oxygen they need. This is especially beneficial for those with chronic inflammatory conditions who often have impaired circulation. With proper ozone therapy, patients can experience a quick and marked improvement in their blood flow and overall health.

Let’s Clear Some Misconceptions

Ozone therapy is a safe and effective form of alternative medicine. However, many people have misconceptions about this treatment. Ozone gas is often considered a dangerous pollutant, but it’s important to understand that medical-grade ozone, when administered and used by an experienced practitioner, is safe and has various health benefits. Ozone therapy can support the treatment of numerous chronic conditions and infections, including asthma, chronic pain, etc.

Ozone gas isn’t innately harmful. In fact, our bodies produce small amounts of ozone naturally, and the air we breathe contains a small amount of ozone. But if medical guidelines are not followed, inhaling high concentrations of ozone gas can be harmful to the lungs. That’s why medical ozone therapy should only be performed by highly-skilled medical providers. TruWellnessMD offers ozone therapy in accordance with all safety guidelines.

Stimulate Mitochondrial Energy

Ozone therapy stimulates the antioxidant pathways to restore mitochondrial energy production. Ozone therapy’s antioxidant properties allow it to rid our bodies of free radicals responsible for most degenerative conditions, from diabetes to heart disease and cancer. By restoring mitochondrial energy production, ozone therapy may reverse the damage done by years of unhealthy lifestyles and environmental issues.

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